Current menu of goodies

All items are made with 100% natural ingredients, local unsalted butter and cream. I make everything fresh to order in small batches in my home kitchen.

All items below will be available within 2 days of ordering for small quantities (3 dz or less). To avoid disappointment, please give 4 days advance notice if placing a larger order. I welcome inquiries about additional goodies not listed below, and will provide a price quote by email upon request.

Contact me: or 778-230-8875

Holiday treats 2016, available from December 1, 2016

*New* Thick Scottish Shortbread $10/dz

Cranberry-almond individual gift loaves $3 each

Melting Moments shortbread cookies $10/dz

Toasted almond butter cookies $10/dz
Chewy dark chocolate gingerbread cookies $10/dz
Dark chocolate sable cookies $10/dz
Coconut fudge pinwheels $1.25 each
White chocolate chunk fudge cookies $1.25 each

Almond buttercrunch toffee with dark chocolate, cacao nibs and fleur de sel $5/bag
Spiced caramel popcorn with dark chocolate & cashews $5/bag
Toasted coconut marshmallows $4.50/ 6 pc.
Vanilla bean marshmallows $4/ 6 pc

Pecan butter tarts (made with cream cheese pastry) $1.50 each
Rum raisin butter tarts (made with cream cheese pastry) $1.50 each

Dulce de leche brownie bites $10/dz (perfect for entertaining!)
Dulce de leche pecan brownies $2.50 each
Peanut butter cup brownies $2.50 each
Salted caramel brownies $2 each

Hand-wrapped caramels $5/ dozen (12 pc), minimum order 1 dz per flavour:

breads 029 Honey-cashew caramels $5/12 pc
breads 031 Golden fleur de sel caramels $5/12 pc

breads 025 Salted caramel brownies $2 each

breads 023 Valrhona ultimate chocolate fudge brownies $2 each

Lemon almond cornmeal biscotti $5/dz

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