Due to demand, I’ve decided to make extra caramels, brownies, and biscotti for the holiday season. For years, I’ve shared my love of caramels and baking with family and friends. I enjoy presenting someone with an unexpected gift of homemade caramels- the look of delight on their face when they taste their first one makes it all worthwhile.

As a gift for loved ones who live across the country or across the globe, caramels are perfect for shipping as they last for weeks, and survive well in the mail (unlike the fragile shortbread cookies I used to send).

Pricing: hand-wrapped caramels $5/dozen

Flavours sold individually or Mix & Match, minimum 1 dozen per flavour:

Golden fleur de sel caramels

Honey-Cashew caramels

Tangerine-Vanilla caramels

Lemon-almond cornmeal biscotti: $5 per dozen

Salted caramel brownies: $2 each